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The Gas Station of Solitude

Flats Fixed While * U * Wait!

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Welcome to the first (and possibly only) fan community for the WB cartoon, "Static Shock"!

We welcome all manner of Static-love! Episode discusions, fanfiction, fanart, icons, and anything else you can think of, so long as its Static Shock related, is welcome here.

Just a few rules to get us started...

1. When submitting a fic, include the following header:

Spoilers: (if related to an episode, list that episode here - I don't care how old the episode is, do it anyway)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Pairing: (if applicable)
Warnings: (violence? angst? death!fic? torture? original characters? List those here.)
Disclaimer: (e.g., "Static Shock" belongs to the WB, DC and many others. I don't own them, don't make any money off of this, it's all for fun, please don't sue me.)
Distribution: (give permissions on how you want your fic to be handled by the public - is archiving it okay? Do you want the first and only say on where it goes? Something like, "No distribution, please" or "If you want it, take it, but tell me where it's going" or, "It's yours. Pass it around the web, but always include my name" would be fine.)
A/N: (optional)

Then, put your fic behind a cut tag! If you're not sure how to do this, check out this FAQ.

Finally, just one more rule. All fics posted must be spell-checked and follow basic grammar rules. A Beta Reader (aka, peer editor) is a great plus, but not required.

2. When posting art, always put it behind a cut tag as well. Include a rating and a description, so that people know what they're looking at. There's nothing worse than accidentaly opening up a bit of erotic fanart while you're at work. Trust me on this.

3. All fics and art posted must be your own! If you find a great fic or a great piece of art, link us to the location. Don't be a bandwidth stealer or distribute other people's work without permission. It just ain't nice.

4. All ratings and genres accepted. This includes slash, femslash, and het, and adult material. Please use good judgement when reading/viewing fanworks.

5. Watch the Copyright issues, folks. Derivative works are one thing, but anything ripped directly from the show/comic series is not permitted on this community. That means you can't post full episode media files or post full scans of any of the comic books. I would almost prefer you didn't even link to these sources if you find them. Support the show you love by treating it with respect!

Where to catch episodes:
Cartoon Network has been showing repeats lately in many varying time slots. Check your listings!
There's also the DVD, of course. Buy it and maybe we'll get more! *crosses fingers*

Oh, you say you want the comic series?
You can find them for sale all over the web. Try eBay, Half.com, places like that, or you can try Mile High Comics (that site thanks to makkurakoyappi).

6. When posting icons, put them behind a cut tag. List your rules for how you want the public to handle your icons. For example, "Want, take" or "Comment, Take, Credit", or "Not for distribution", etc.

7. Be nice! Have fun! No flames! Any bashing of other members or harassment for any reason whatsoever will result in an automatic ban from the community. I don't give warnings. You all know better.

And that's all! See? Easy! So, welcome to The Gas Station of Solitude! Just be careful of the rats.

Maintained by mouse42.

Affiliates and Resources
Here be some other places where you can revel in the Static-love!
TV Tome's Static Shock Resource
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The maintainer of this community bears no responsibility for the content of the above pages and is not actually assoociated with them in anyway. They are listed here as a resource only. If your page is listed here and you don't want it to be, please let the maintainer know: mouse42 (at) livejournal (dot) com.